Open source

After the website opens source, backstage blocks who also cannot go in, need not worry to be attacked by hacker, the website who also cannot go in

More centralized

The Renault system is centralised. It does not belong to anyone, any company, any government or any country. He has no central control.

No central server

It has no central server, meaning no country or government can shut down, influence or block transactions.

Core team

Enterprise brief introduction

Royal Club financial international group is one of the world‘s largest financial groups, headquartered in Scotland, the United Kingdom, covering an area of 3.7 km,  It is a Fortune professional enterprise. The group operates in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. There are 58,200 experts in technology research and development worldwide, serving 127 countries. In 2017, the operating profit of the group exceeded 46 billion pounds. The group is leading the industry in Europe and the market leader in European international business. It is the supply source of Hans, a famous German enterprise. Financial capital team has a risk investment, enterprise operation, technology research and development, real estate, biological medicine, etc, successfully listed on nasdadas investors pull bonanza and safe returns over the years, under the guidance of Edward, the technical team to develop a coin have vertical and horizontal, the European market is Europe's leading financial geek call it financial currency across the Pacific!

Company Overview

The subsidiary has been established for 7267, in order to develop the natural resources, the supply of home country industrial production and market needs, for the purpose of foreign investment in mining, real estate, hotels, financial trade, in the UK, is characterized by market orientation of the modern marketing concept emerged at the same time, with its abundant capital, excellent technology, rich management experience, through the direct investment in the international market and have a noble status in the European market.




Financial trade

Qualification certificate
Core character introduction
Royal Group | Chairman's Introduction

Edward Thomas, William. RON's German by birth, german-britishmixed-race British grew up, he was born on February 24, 1955 -- medical family in England, he is interested in electronics since I was a child, at the age of 39 from st.Mary's hospital dean position resolutely left, at the time, his isolation procedure on the split of the disease, the medical profession in the world have been in the mainstream. In the words of the queen of England, this great old man -- he was a great medical scientist, but he did the Internet when everyone thought he could be successful. When everyone was worried, he quietly succeeded and became the leader of the Internet, which was praised by the British royal family in 1998.After leaving office, he began to develop the program. He is a famous British inventor, medical scientist, entrepre

neur and founder of the king's CLUB group.

technical support

London technical director graduated from Princeton university in the United States the main achievements of the pioneering a currency



The main achievements of Cambridge university, the core technology graduate university in California, USA, have created a well-known network platform in Britain

University of Heidelberg, Florida, Germany graduates of well-informed digital currency research and development

ā dollar
Powerful technical support

payment trend of " ā-dollar" globally

China's richest man jack ma has become the country's richest man thanks to alipay

Alipay has made mobile payment the "four great inventions" of modern China.

In China, the status of alipayand WeChat payment is unshakable, with 790 million users and 2.6 trillion assets under management, including third-party payment companies, occupying the whole blue sea of payment in China.

Pay markets around the world now still reserves in the age of 1.0 (ATM) digital assets, once the hype, but do not know China's most  great ATM machine manufacturer is bankrupt, a new generation of POS machine, MPOS, encroached on the whole payment market, has also tend to be saturated. Now, digital assets  pay era,

A trillion yuan of virgin land is waiting to be excavated. That is the era of global payment 2.0 -- the emergence of the special currency.

CLUB token issuance plan

CLUB constantly issued 680 million pieces 100% for the construction and expansion of CLUB projects, as well as project activities

technical support
Technical department
Meeting the regulatory compliance requirements of security, auditing, reporting, analysis, etc. in the safest and most effective way, allowing all digital assets to circulate at a high speed and safely on the platform, enabling better and faster development of the global economic market.

CLUB tokens are in hot pursuit in
all countries of the world
Thai market is hot

Russian market is hot

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